May 21, 2012

Rilis SLiMS 5 Meranti

SLiMS 5 telah dirilis dan dapat diunduh pada lamanĀ

Daftar perubahan dan perbaikan pada SLiMS 5 Meranti:

Added: Web-based SLiMS installer
Added: New Template for Admin and OPAC. For old templates can be downloaded from
Added: Z39.50 SRU: Search/Retrieval via URL
Added: OAI/PMH support (server).
Added: Statement of Responbility field in bibliographic form.
Added: Item(s) code generator
Added: Integrated Classification in Subject field
Added: Catalog card printing
Added: Search result clustering :)
Added: Brazilian Portuguise language
Added: remove orphaned publisher and place
Added: Import MARC data
Added: Member photo capture foto directly from membership form.
Added: keyboard shortcut to modules and submodules.
Added: option to not counting fines in holiday.
Added: Alternative to barcode printing using zend barcode
Added: Improvised mobile apps view
Fixed: Bugs in import/export of bibliographic and item data.
Fixed: Missing filter in item usage statistics on Reporting module
Fixed: Bugs in XML result

Selamat mencoba! dan jangan lupa melaporkan jika ada bug, ke Continue reading